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Our Members are able to draw on the knowledge and experience of 162 Board Members who give their time freely to serve you, as custodians of our wonderful lowland environment. We collectively employ 93 people and each Member Board, through the WMA, provides a 24/7 flood and drought response, surface water drainage and water level management service, primarily for the benefit of all those living and working in our Districts.

Management Structure

Each Member Board has its own operations delivery team, which consists of directly employed staff, contractors, and collaborative working arrangements with other Risk Management Authorities. Each Member Board also has access to a land-army of farm workers and volunteers. The WMA organisation supports each Member Board’s delivery team by providing them with administration and technical support services, and, operations support in an emergency event. The way in which our Member Boards interface with the WMA can be viewed from each Board’s ‘Organisation’ webpage. The staff, their job roles and contact details are shown below, together with a summary table of the Annual Pay bands for all employees in our group:

Administration Team
Name Job Role Email Direct Dial
Karen Bingham Senior Business Support Officer +44(0)1553 819603
Fran Bligh ICT Manager +44(0)1553 819606
Katie Byrne Business Support Officer +44(0)1553 819605
Alex Burton Finance & Rating Officer +44(0)1553 819612
Helen Byron ICT Officer +44(0)1553 819607
Sue Cook Chief Executive’s PA +44(0)1553 819602
Agi Ecsiova Assistant Finance & Rating Manager +44(0)1553 819613
Sallyanne Jeffrey Finance & Rating Manager (RFO) +44(0)1553 819614
Lisa Manning Senior Finance & Rating Officer +44(0)1553 819616
Pippa Purser-Ward ICT Officer +44(0)1553 819608
April Rose Business Support Officer +44(0)1553 819604
Amy Taylor Finance & Rating Officer +44(0)1553 819615
Graham Tinkler Rating/Enforcement Officer & Site Warden +44(0)1553 819611
Kathy Woodward Independent Internal Auditor (Part time) +44(0)1354 622230


Technical Support Team
Name Job Role Email Direct Dial/Mobile
Erin Barber Environmental Officer +44(0)7826 940748
Colin Beaumont Project Delivery Engineer +44(0)7554 416857
Giuseppe Bernadis Estates Officer +44(0)7733 092529
Giles Bloomfield Project Development Manager +44(0)7795 312628
Cathryn Brady Sustainable Development Manager +44(0)7881 384290
Phil Camamile Chief Executive +44(0)1553 819617
William Chandler Sustainable Development Officer +44(0)7826 940760
James Dunn Flood Risk Engineer (Pevensey & Cuckmere, East Sussex) +44(0)7909 098140
Charlotte Hipkin Environmental Officer +44(0)7826 940758
Gary Howe Project Manager +44(0)1553 819621
Tom Jones Project Delivery Engineer +44(0)7825 290247
Revai Kinsella Area Manager (Pevensey & Cuckmere, East Sussex) +44(0)7785 406974
Caroline Laburn Environmental Manager +44(0)7880 728389
Helen Mandley Environmental Officer +44(0)7909 110153
Ellen Moore Sustainable Development Officer +44(0)7341 882941
Kari Nash Programme Manager +44(0)7585 320270
Melanie Neale Project Manager +44(0)1553 819620
Philippa Noon Senior Sustainable Development Officer (Compliance) +44(0)7733 105048
Matthew Philpot Area Manager (WMA East Anglia) +44(0)7884 327849
Eleanor Roberts Senior Sustainable Development Officer (Planning) +44(0)7827 356752
Pete Roberts Project Delivery Engineer +44(0)7557 143072
Emma Robertson Sustainable Development Officer +44(0)7826 940762
George Smith Flood Risk Engineer (WMA East Anglia) +44(0)7826 940746
Yvonne Smith Senior Sustainable Development Officer (Consenting) +44(0)7754 259745
Lewis Taylor Flood Risk Engineer (South Holland) +44(0)7732 230894
Ella Thorpe Sustainable Development Officer +44(0)7827 356719
Adam Thurtle Project Delivery Engineer +44(0)7881 262398
Karl Vines Area Manager (South Holland) +44(0)1406 421708
Rachael Yeowell Sustainable Development Officer +44(0)7826 940761


Operations Delivery Team
Name Job Role Email Direct Dial/Mobile
Ali Bloomfield Operations Manager (East Suffolk & Waveney) +44(0)7775 662806
Richard Dann Operations Manager (Pevensey & Cuckmere) +44(0)7584 160279
Paul George Operations Manager (Norfolk Rivers) +44(0)7788 914392
Ricky Grimmer MEICA Manager +44(0)7554 550908
Dom Morris Operations Manager (South Holland) +44(0)7920 792389
Phil Norman Works Supervisor (King’s Lynn) +44(0)7920 792391
Phil Semmence Operations Manager (Broads) +44(0)7825 827188
Dave Sporton Working Foreman (South Holland) +44(0)7960 710924
Rob Taylor Operations Manager (King’s Lynn) +44(0)7733 093714
Field Teams (40) MIECA Engineers and Field Operatives Contact can be made via the appropriate Operations Manager/Works Supervisor


Annual Pay (as of October 2021) Number
>£0 and <= £5,000 1
>£5,000 and <= £20,000 8
>£20,000 and <= £30,000 41
>£30,000 and <= £40,000 20
>£40,000 and <= £50,000 11
>£50,000 and <£100,000 11
>= £100,000 1
All Employees 93


Contact details

During office hours
(between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm)
Tel: +44(0)1553 819600

Central Office: Pierpoint House, 28 Horsley’s Fields
King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 5DD

Out of hours

Please contact the Duty Officer on +44(0)7841 571251 or send an email to Otherwise if you know who you need to contact in an emergency, please refer to the Member Board’s ‘Contact us’ webpage on this site for their out of hours contact details.

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