228-imageDevelopment Control Service

One of the principle services that we provide is regulating, controlling and facilitating development to secure the efficient working of the drainage system now and in the future. This is done by reasonable application of the Board’s Byelaws and the Land Drainage Act 1991, and by working closely with Developers, Local Authorities, the Environment Agency and other Stakeholders.

Planning/Byelaw Policy and Guidance

The Board’s Planning and Byelaw Policy and SuDS Adoption Policy sets out how we will control development that would otherwise compromise the efficient working of the drainage system within the Drainage District. Guidance is also available to help you complete your application, together with the Board’s charging policy. As a rough guide, if you wish to do any of the following you will require the Board’s prior written consent:

Alter a watercourse by culverting, bridging, installing a control structure, filling-in or changing its existing course;
Discharge surface water into any watercourse;
Discharge treated water (effluent) into a Board’s main drain;
Build, plant or work within 9 metres of a Board’s main drain;
Attenuate surface water run-off arising from development.

Further Information

If you would like any further information on whether you need the Board’s consent to do something or on how we will consider your application, please contact the Group’s Flood and Water Manager.

Application Forms

To apply for consent your application should be completed and returned to us:

Application for a relaxation of Byelaw 10
Application for Direct Discharge of Surface Water
Application for Direct Discharge of Treated Foul Water
Application to alter a watercourse

Contact details

During office hours
(between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm)
Tel: +44(0)1553 819600
Fax: +44(0)1553 819639

Central Office: Kettlewell House, Austin Fields
Industrial Estate, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 1PH

Out of hours

Please contact the Duty Officer on +44(0)7881 581521 or send an email to Otherwise if you know who you need to contact in an emergency, please refer to the Member Board’s ‘Contact us’ webpage on this site for their out of hours contact details.

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