Board Members

Your MembersA group of Board members out onsite

Your Board Members, the contact details they have provided, the area they represent and the interests they’ve registered can all be accessed from here: Elected Members, Appointed Members.

Members’ Duties and Responsibilities

Your members have agreed to abide by the Members Code of Conduct and acknowledged their duties and responsibilities as IDB members. Please check out ADA’s Guide to Good Governance which should also help current and prospective members to fully understand and fulfil their role.

Contact Information

If you’re unable to get hold of any Board member, please contact the office and we will arrange for the member(s) concerned to contact you directly.

Committee Appointments

Membership of the Board’s Committees, their purpose and terms of reference can also be accessed here: Plenary Committees, Advisory Committees.

Appointments to Outside Bodies

Membership of the Board’s Joint Committees, their purpose and terms of reference can also be accessed from here: Joint Committees.

Attendance Register

The attendance register is included in the Annual Report and can be accessed by viewing or downloading the Report for the year you’re interested in ending 31 March, from our Financial Statements webpage.

Chairman’s Allowance and Members Expenses

Your members do not get paid for their time. However the Board’s Chairman may choose to claim an allowance for the purposes of meeting the expenses of their office and your members can also claim certain expenses, in accordance with the Board’s Chairman’s Allowance and Members Expenses Policy.

Gifts and Hospitality Register

The register of gifts and hospitality is included in the Annual Report each year, which can be viewed and downloaded from our Financial Statements webpage.

Declarations of Interest at meetings

In addition to registering their dis-closable interests, your members should also declare any interest they have in matters discussed at Board meetings; the nature and extent of which are set out in the Members Code of Conduct. Members who are interested in any company with which the Board has, or proposes to make a contract, also have a legal obligation to disclose the fact and nature of this interest and to take no part in the decision making process relating to the contract. All such declarations are recorded in the Board’s Minutes, which are published on the Board Meetings webpage (when confirmed). Section 27(6), Chapter 7 of the Localism Act 2011 regarding Declarations of Interest and Standards does not apply to IDBs.

Contact details

During office hours
(between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm)
Tel: +44(0)1553 819600

Central Office: Pierpoint House, 28 Horsley’s Fields
King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 5DD

Out of hours

Please contact the Duty Officer on +44(0)7841 571251 or send an email to Otherwise if you know who you need to contact in an emergency, please refer to the Member Board’s ‘Contact us’ webpage on this site for their out of hours contact details.

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