Fit for purposeBrian Long, Chairman, King’s Lynn Inland Drainage Board

We continue to be at the forefront of practical action to improve maintenance practices on the channels we control whilst protecting the environment the best we can. With our short line of command, local knowledge and extensive experience, we are, in summary, very fit for purpose.

Members’ interest, passion and commitment

We are able to draw on the local knowledge and experience of 21 Board Members who give their time freely to serve you; reducing flood risk to housing, business, infrastructure and beautiful wild places. Our Board members’ interest in maintaining an effective drainage system and close proximity to the primary water level control structures is vitally important, if we are to continue to deliver and provide a cost effective service on the ground today and in the future. This will always be so, even with access to state of the art telemetry systems that monitor water levels remotely.

Management Structure

As a member of the WMA we have access to the group’s administration, technical support staff and workforce, in addition to the Board’s own directly employed staff.

Delivering an effective local service

The Board’s technical support staff operate from the central office in King’s Lynn and the Operations Manager supervises and coordinates the work undertaken within the Drainage District and catchment areas. The service is primarily delivered through the structure shown in the Board’s Organisation Chart, which also reflects how we interface with the WMA administration. Contact details for the operations delivery team are shown on our Contact us webpage. Please check out the ID of any of our own ops delivery team here.


Contact details

During office hours
(between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm)
Tel: +44(0)1553 819600
Fax: +44(0)1553 819639

Central Office: Kettlewell House, Austin Fields
Industrial Estate, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 1PH

Out of hours

Please contact the Duty Officer on +44(0)7841 571251 or send an email to Otherwise if you know who you need to contact in an emergency, please refer to the Member Board’s ‘Contact us’ webpage on this site for their out of hours contact details.

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